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Timeline / History

  • 1823

    Thomas Brooks founded the company Brooks, Thomas and Co. It was the largest builder’s suppliers in Ireland.

  • 1855

    Brooks first advertisement for Roofing Felt.

  • 1868

    Agreement set up between Maurice Brooks and Henry Brooks about the products sold. At the time Henry Brooks was Australia’s biggest glass distributer.

  • 1916

    During the time of the 1916 rising, Brooks Thomas stood tall, even though there was a barricade built right outside the front door

  • 1943

    New sawmill was built.

  • 1950

    Old dockets show that even though time has passed, the same products are still being sold.

  • 1969

    Brooks Thomas merges with Haughton’s in Cork and Hanley’s in Sligo.

  • 1972

    Brooks Thomas moves from Abbey Street to Bluebell where it is still situated today.

  • 1981

    Upm, Finland’s leading redwood and whitewood manufacturers buys over the Brooks Group.

  • 2004

    Upm sells the Brooks Group to the Wolseley Group. Wolseley group was Europe’s leading plumbing and heavy building material supplier’s at the time. By now the company had over 10 branch’s around Ireland with the intentions of opening more.

  • 2011

    After a period of economic decline, the Brooks Group was bought by the Premier Forest Company and 6 of the existing branch’s were kept open. Premier Forest Products is one of the UK's leading independent importers and distributors of Timber and Panel Products.

  • 2013

    Brooks opens a brand new branch in the North side of Dublin, Glasnevin.

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